Zelenskiy’s NFTs support Ukrainian refugees and humanitarian causes

10,000 NFT to perpetuate the heroic efforts of the Ukrainian people

Zelensky’s NFT The collection aims to support the heroic effort of the Ukrainian people against the Russian invasion. Zelensky’s NFT collection offers its community a wide range of benefits for its generosity and devotion to helping the Ukrainian people.


  • Zelenskiy NFT is a collection of 10,000 unique Zelenskiy NFTs that live on Ethereum block chain.
  • The collection is priced at 0.2 ETH per NFT during the public sale phase, and whitelisted users can enjoy a 25% discount.
  • 60% of sales proceeds will go to charity.
  • Zelenskiy NFT holders can access exclusive communities, limited products, broader events, ecosystem governance, and more.
  • The roadmap highlights a number of strong plans, including foundation partnerships, ChariFi dapp development, ZELIK Token Ecosystem Token (ZLK) design, and more.

The outbreak of Russia’s war in Ukraine is showing people the serious drawbacks of the centralized banking system. During times of war, bank transfers take days to reach recipients while people have urgent needs.

On the contrary, it only takes a few minutes in the world of cryptocurrencies. In addition to crypto remittances, many creators use NFTs to raise awareness, engage the community, and fulfill the goal of supporting Ukraine. For example, IamUkraine Studio launched the Zelenskiy NFT collection to draw global attention to humanitarian causes in Ukraine and present a meaningful way to help the people of this country.

What is the Zelenskiy NFT collection?

Zelenskiy NFT is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs on Ethereum to immortalize the heroic efforts of the Ukrainian people and help Ukrainian refugees and humanitarian causes. The collection features artistic expression with generative attributes and the image of President Zelenskiy.

Zelenskiy NFT is the first ChariFi project to reward collectors for good deeds, allowing holders to help Ukraine while earning a wide range of benefits for the community. Zelenskiy NFT holders get exclusive access to communities, limited merch, broader events, ecosystem governance, and more.

More importantly, the development of the project will deeply integrate community-driven elements, allowing users to participate in it interactively. In this way, the supportive impact of users will leave a mark on this historical event. It is a unique charitable opportunity made possible by NFTs, which is transparent, immutable and incentive-enabled.

minting snapshot

At the time of writing, the pre-minting phase of the Zelenskiy NFT is already active. This stage only applies to users who have successfully joined the whitelist. Others can participate in the public minting phase, starting June 1, 2022 at 16:00 UTC. Full mintage details are provided on the official mint page. The mintage snapshot is as follows:


The team launched this project with a charitable purpose at its heart, so more than half of the profits will go to good causes. To specify, the project will donate 60% in total. 50% of the funds from the initial sale of the mint to charities established in Ukraine that focus on humanitarian efforts, relief resources, improvement of the local war-torn landscape, etc.

10% of the funds from the initial mint sale will go to charities in the European Union. For example, a significant percentage of refugees from Ukraine are currently staying across Europe in countries such as Poland, Hungary and Lithuania. These funds will provide financial support to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that support such refugee resettlement.

For the remaining raised funds, the project will place 5% in the liquidity pool to provide stability to the NFTs. 20% will be used in marketing campaigns to spread the message and promote donations for Ukraine. Finally, 10% will fund the development wallet and associated requirements, and 5% will go towards Zelenskiy’s team development, management, and community governance efforts.

A 10% royalty structure will be implemented to help the sustainability of the ecosystem. The detailed mapping is as follows:

  • NFT Holders-2.5%
  • Ukraine and EU charities: 4%
  • Team-0.5%
  • Project Leader-1%
  • Marketing-1%
  • Development-1%

A solid roadmap to bring the community together for good works

Zelenskiy NFT strives to create long-term value for the project, and the roadmap is full of solid plans to help its expansion. These include the association of the global charitable foundation, the development of the ChariFi dapp, the design of the ZELIK ecosystem token (ZLK), the launch of the merchandise program, the digital service for good causes, etc.

Zelenskiy NFT is only the first step in building a charity ecosystem, but it is also a crucial step. The project is groundbreaking in that it allows visionary NFT collectors to enjoy perpetual dividends distilled from the project’s charitable spirit from day one.

final thoughts

Crypto plays an important role in defending Ukraine against Russian invasion. The Ukrainian government has raised more than $100 million in crypto donations, helping war spending on everything from military equipment to medicine.

At the same time, NFTs are becoming a major force in charity. In particular, NFTs can provide an effective fundraising channel and engage communities in an inclusive manner. With all of these features, Zelenskiy NFT fosters impactful relationships with both communities and partners. Ultimately, the project can nurture a community dedicated to providing support for Ukraine and future humanitarian causes.

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