Top 5 most optimistic gaming dapps on Avalanche

Avalanche is picking up the pace, just like on-chain game dapps

The blockchain gaming industry has taken the crypto world by storm, becoming one of the fastest growing sectors, and of course the gaming apps on Avalanche follow this trend. Avalanche is a rising star protocol, and many developers have found it to be the perfect foundation for their NFT projects and gaming dapps.

Considering the wave of attention and recent growth that Avalanche has been experiencing, it can be challenging to select the right gaming dapps for you. In this article, we will showcase the most popular gaming projects on Avalanche, so read on to find your next favorite blockchain game.

For those interested in the broader Avalanche ecosystem, you can find the most popular blockchain apps on Avalanche on DappRadar Rankings. Here you will find popular dapps like the Trader Joe decentralized exchange, the Step App fitness tool, and of course some of the gaming dapps mentioned in this article. Let’s see them!

Top 5 Game Dapps on Avalanche

domi online

Domi Online is a play-to-win Avalanche MMORPG, which was released late last year. The game’s native DOMI token allows players to earn for completing quests and leveling up. Players can also take advantage of tokenized in-game assets, with verified ownership and blockchain security for all their purchases. Domi Online has an ambitious roadmap for 2022, with the game’s official alpha release later in the year. With a constant token valuation, Domi Online is one of the most hyped gaming dapps on Avalanche right now.


Ascenders is an open world sci-fi action RPG with a fully decentralized player-driven economy powered by Avalanche. Players can compete in daily challenges that earn them AGC tokens as rewards, while also crafting NFT items and terrain. The team behind the game has focused on creating a completely player-centric environment. This allows players to have full control over their assets and their game play. The initial alpha release of the game is expected in the coming months. Stay tuned as the Ascenders take control of the Avalanche play space.


Ragnarök is among the most hyped projects in both the NFT space and the blockchain gaming space. The official NFT collection was launched on Ethereum earlier this year. The team is now developing one of the most exciting gaming experiences to come to the Avalanche blockchain. According to the developers, Ragnarök will be the first metaverse RPG to be released. June will be an even more exciting time for Ragnarök fans as the game will release the first 77 playable characters in the game.


Crabada is probably the most established gaming dapp on Avalanche. The game already has a steady following, attracting thousands of players each month. According to data from DappRadar, Crabada registered close to 10,000 unique active wallets. Crabada does not offer the action-packed gameplay of an RPG. However, its fun style and recent gameplay updates have taken it to new heights.


Shrapnel is an upcoming AAA shooter game on the Avalanche blockchain. The NFT collection of playable characters in the game just released their mint whitelist on June 7th. This means there’s still time to get in on the Shrapnel action early on. According to the official teasers, players will be able to use NFT weapons to fight and search for exclusive items in an action-packed arena called The Zone. Surprisingly, the team behind Shrapnel has stellar experience in the traditional gaming space, having worked on game projects around the Star Wars franchise and the highly praised Halo series.

Gaming Dapps and the Blockchain

Blockchain gaming dapps are multiplying by the minute as the web3 space welcomes more and more players. According to the latest industry report from DappRadar, blockchain gaming dapps are effectively weathering the cryptocurrency crash, with only a 5% decline in activity and 197% year-over-year growth.

DappRadar will continue to monitor the space, as more exciting projects are launched across all networks. Avalanche is one of the rising stars in the web3 space, and more game developers are realizing its potential. Additionally, the blockchain is attracting high-end triple-A rated developments, which is the next phase of development for the space as a whole.

The games featured here are just a few of the most hyped projects on Avalanche. Other platforms like DeFimons, for example, are also working hard to develop their virtual worlds. The platform will soon welcome its first virtual land in the form of apartments. In this sense, Avalanche is buzzing with activity across the board, with games being among the biggest contributors to this hype.

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