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Blockchain games maintain their popularity among the community

Playing to win is having a good moment, relative to the rest of the web3 world. But the prices of tokens and NFTs in the game have dropped. So now could be the perfect time to join a project and become a part of its future.

The world of web3 may be going through a bumpy period, but gamers still want to play. Looking at seven-day user numbers on DappRadar’s ranking pages, we can see that engagement is still high.

Looking at the past performance of a token is not the best method of judging whether or not to buy it in the hope of future appreciation. Choosing a project that you think will stand the test of time is a much better option when you’re deciding where to put your resources.

To get an idea of ​​what games will perform well in the future, you can sign up for DappRadar PRO to read our detailed guide to Play-to-Earn games.

Remember, when the hype dies down and true believers are the only ones left, it’s the best product that will still stand. It is important to separate the noise from the facts.

So, in this list, we have taken the games that have the highest number of users and that we think have a good chance of thriving in the future.

alien worlds

Alien Worlds has just released a new series of quests and NFTs to make its social metaverse even more interactive. If the world of blockchain is falling apart right now, no one told these game developers.

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Fans still flock to play within this virtual world built on the WAX ​​blockchain. Alien Worlds has six zones, each with 500 terrain.

Players can earn the Trillium (TLM) token in-game in a variety of ways. Profiting from the land you own is one way. Staking, trading, and mining are other methods of turning your time into cash.

Check the current price of the token: TLM

farmers world

In Farmers World, players use energy and tools to acquire a variety of resources. Whether it’s wood, food, gold, or animals, they can all be sold in secondary markets for Farmers World Wood. Holders of this can convert it to real money.

In February 2022, it cost between $1,500 and $2,000 to start as a gold miner at Farmers World. Just to buy a mining excavator, the user would have to shell out $1,600. Now, you can pick one up for less than $1.

Price drops are bad news for some. But for anyone looking to enter a market that could turn around in a few years, now might be the time to get involved. The FWW in-game currency is down 96.8% from its ATH. If you believe in the project, now is the time to start playing.

Check the current price of the token: fww


With over 137,000 unique active wallets interacting with Splinterlands in the last 24-hour period, the game can clearly still draw a crowd. It is the leading collectible trading card game on web3.

According to the Hive and WAX networks, the recent Splinterlands validation node license sale sold out in 11 minutes. And the platform regularly finds itself in the top five of DappRadar’s game rankings across all blockchains.

Splinterlands Trailer

The Splinterlands SPS token is down 94.6% from its July 2021 high of $1.07. But with the massive following the game has managed to maintain, now might be the right time to jump in and start playing.

Check the current price of the token: MSF


Upland is one of the leading blockchain metaverse platforms where gamers can work, create and earn. With almost 250,000 unique active wallets interacting with the dapp over the last 30 days, the community is still large enough to support a viable economy.

The virtual world of Upland is mapped to real-world locations, all of which are in the US. Within the game, you can buy, upgrade, and sell NFT properties. Over time, you can turn them into in-game businesses that you can earn real income from.

What is Uplands?

The UPX token, which was launched in 2019, has been through ups and downs throughout its life. But with so many people still playing, things are poised for the long haul.

Check the current price of the token: UPX

axie infinity

Axie Infinity’s position at the top of the pile of games to win has been problematic this year. The record hack eroded user confidence. And problems with the in-game economy contributed to a drop in the prices of coins and NFTs.

Things have improved since then. Axie Infinity recently sold several lands for over 130 ETH each and it still attracts a lot of players on a monthly basis. In the last 30 days alone, more than 770,000 unique active wallets connected to the dapp.

Axie Infinity Trailer: Origin

The in-game currency, AXS, is down 91% from its all-time high of $164.90. So while each coin is still not in the bargain basement, they are much more affordable than they were. Added to this, buying the three Axies required to play is now much more affordable. Now you can buy a game for less than $10.

Check the current price of the token: AXIS

Research is key

As we always say on DappRadar, do your own research so you can find out what works for you. Use our PRO guide to playing games and earning crypto for directions on where to start looking.

Our game ratings pages are also helpful in seeing which games are the most popular right now and our NFT Explorer will help you judge the real value of a collection.

Most importantly, however, anyone making any type of investment with their time and resources should be happy that they made the right decision. So get involved in a project, talk to like-minded people, and stay on top of the news to stay informed.

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