Top 25 Best Meetup Alternative Sites

Meetup Alternative Sites

What is a good alternative to meetup?

Groupspaces is an alternative to Meetup which functions as a group-coordination and event-planning website. You can create a group, post online membership forms, and collect membership dues from group members. You can easily create email lists and manage your subscriptions, and archive everything from your group meetings online.

What is the use of Meetup software?

Meetup is a software platform that enables people with similar interests to Meetup, create a group, exchange ideas, and create, find, and manage events of common interest. Platforms like Meetup enable users to manage the entire life cycle of an event. Can I use meetup alternatives for free?

Is meetup a good choice for event management?

Meetup offers tons of exciting features that can be used by professionals and event management companies for a variety of purposes. At the same time, Meetup is a great fit to create groups and manage events. A few disadvantages that lead users to pursue the other meetup alternative available in the market.

How much does it cost to join a meetup?

Membership in Meetup is free and you can sign up for as many groups as you have interests. Many of the meetups are free i.e. no charge to attend. You will also get notifications/invites to meetups of the groups you have joined. For the free events, you can drop out of the event at any time, without penalty.

Meetup Alternative Sites

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