Top 25 Best Alternative Blood Sugar Testing Sites

Alternative Blood Sugar Testing Sites

Which blood sugar test is more accurate?

This glucometer model from AccuChek is well-known as one of the most accurate blood sugar-monitoring devices on the market. It uses AccuChek Aviva Plus test strips, which fill quicker with less blood (0.6 microliters), making it a more comfortable device to use.

How often should I test blood sugar?

Your doctor will let you know how often to check your blood sugar levels. The frequency of testing usually depends on the type of diabetes you have and your treatment plan. Your doctor may recommend blood sugar testing four to 10 times a day if you have type 1 diabetes. You may need to test:

Does blood sugar test require fasting?

The most common types of tests that require fasting include: Glucose tests, which measure blood sugar. One type of glucose test is called a glucose tolerance test. For this test you will need to fast for 8 hours before test. When you arrive at the lab or health care facility, you will: Glucose tests are used to diagnose diabetes.

Do you have to fast for blood sugar test?

You’ll fast (not eat) overnight before the test and have your blood drawn to determine your fasting blood sugar level. Then you’ll drink the liquid and have your blood sugar level checked 1 hour, 2 hours, and possibly 3 hours afterward. Results can differ depending on the size of the glucose drink and how often your blood sugar is tested.

Alternative Blood Sugar Testing Sites

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