Sartoshi summons his inner Satoshi to disappear into the Great Unknown

In a move predicted by many, Mfers creator Sartoshi emulated his Bitcoin founder namesake by disappearing into the unknown. Upon his departure, he bequeathed control of his 10,021 PFP stick figures to the Mfers community at large.

Sartoshi’s crudely drawn offspring debuted on the Ethereum blockchain late last year, entering the sphere without any of the usual bells and whistles such as a roadmap or Discord. According to his final farewell, the goal was to see the collection flourish without leadership at the helm.

Under the watchful eye of this benevolent god, a series of OG headlines entered the fray. First, set up an unofficial Discord project, then create a multi-signature wallet to act as an unofficial treasury. After this course, Mfers became a well-respected NFT community, with the minimum price reaching dizzying heights of 5,785 in February, and the highest sale breaking a massive 80 ETH.

Now as he performs his disappearing act, Sartoshi has upgraded the smart contract to send 50% royalty to the unofficial treasury, essentially allowing community-created DAO Mfers to steer the future of the project as they see fit. At the moment, the crypto slowdown coupled with project uncertainty has left the Mfers price floor just above the 1 ETH mark. Where it goes next is entirely up to the current Mfrs holders.

So Sartoshi doffs his hat against the fading daylight, stubs out his cigarette, and casually rides off into the sunset, leaving behind only the muffled whispers of rumor and a legacy that will remain immutably linked to the chain of faith. blocks forever.

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