OpenSea updates its auto-hide feature to better protect its users

nft Trading Giant, Open sea, has released a series of updates to help protect its users from the evil ploy of blockchain criminals. Therefore, it trains its algorithm to more effectively detect suspicious NFT transfers, before sending them to the hidden folder.

Following the rise in popularity of NFTs, various dubious minds have exploited the technology for their own gain, commonly embedding phishing bait inside a non-fungible token, then throwing far and wide in hopes of a bite. After interacting with the item, an embedded link will take the user to a third party site in an attempt to hijack their assets.

As a result of this undesirable behavior, OpenSea has embarked on a mission to Optimize your security protocols. Their latest update now has a built-in feature that detects unsolicited material before sending it directly to the hidden folder. Additionally, an in-app banner will now notify users when this occurs. Meanwhile, an additional filter allows users to sort between items that they themselves have hidden and those that are considered errant transfers.

Going forward, OpenSea will continue to refine its algorithm to reduce the number of legitimate transfers captured through the feature. Therefore, always check the hidden folder first if any NFTs appear to be hijacked.

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