Harmony Timeless 1Wallet beta waiting list is now active

The web3 wallet promises exciting social features and unprecedented security

Harmony One is among the fastest growing blockchain ecosystems right now, and Timeless 1Wallet will deliver the best web3 experience for Harmony blockchain users. The team is still busy testing the wallet, which is currently in its early stages of beta testing. However, interested users can now sign up for the waiting list to join the beta test soon.


  • Timeless 1Wallet will bring a complete set of web3 tools to its users with DeFi and NFT support
  • Social features will be a major focus, allowing users to send and receive crypto and NFTs through private chats.
  • The team also teased innovative security measures and social backups.

Timeless 1Wallet launches closed beta waiting list

As the Harmony blockchain continues to attract waves of new users, the need for a dedicated web3 wallet is growing. Timeless 1Wallet is already in the works and the team has now released beta waitlist registration.

To register for the beta testing phase of 1Wallet, you must complete this registration form. According to the official roadmap, the beta version will first reach iOS users, and towards the end of Q2 2022, Android users will be added to the list. Ultimately, the Timeless 1Wallet team is aiming for the public beta test to take place at the end of June.

Currently, details about the upcoming release of 1Wallet are scarce. However, the team has an interactive teaser website that sheds light on the general functionalities that the wallet will have. Importantly, they have put a lot of focus on integrating a strong social element into the 1Wallet experience.

Everything you need in a wallet

Harmony Timeless 1Wallet promises to deliver a full web3 experience with next level social features. According to the official Discord channel, the wallet will support both DeFi functionalities as well as NFT wallet and trading.

Importantly, Timeless 1Wallet will have an integrated chat feature that will allow users to interact and communicate with each other and exchange assets. Sending an NFT or a crypto deposit will be as easy as sending a meme.

The team also teased the possibility of enhanced DeFi tools like staking. For the time being, 1Wallet will start with just support for Harmony’s native ONE token. Still, as the product develops, more Harmony-based tokens will be added.

Timeless 1Wallet bets on security

As with everything related to cryptocurrencies, security is of the utmost importance. According to the teaser campaign, Timeless 1Wallet will offer users unprecedented security features. Seed phrase protection, social media backup and recovery, and a face ID lockout mechanism are just some of the security features expected in the new web3 wallet.

The 1Wallet team has yet to release more detailed information on the specific security practices they will employ. However, they are already making it clear that security will be a top priority.

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