Harmony One Finds Success As Gaming Dapps Join The Ecosystem

Cosmic Universe, Defira and Pixel Warz from Harmony Play had a good start to the month

The Harmony blockchain continues to bring new GameFi and game dapps to its users, and there is increased activity in that product segment. Cosmic Universe, Defira and Pixel Warz from Harmony Play are three of the most anticipated projects by the community.


  • Harmony It currently has around 1,500 new users who arrive daily in its GameFi sector. By introducing more GameFi dapps, Harmnoy’s GameFi realm aims to expand further.
  • The Cosmic Universe and Defira games are yet to be released, but they are already generating heated discussion among future gamers.
  • In addition, the recently launched project harmony game has seen a nearly 40% increase in users in the last 30 days.
  • These dapps, along with DeFi Kingdomslaid a solid foundation for Harmony’s GameFi ecosystem, which has now attracted 95,651 unique active wallets in the last 30 days.

Games are important to the blockchain industry

According to the April issue of DappRadar Dapp Industry Report, gaming continues to dominate in terms of blockchain usage, accounting for 52% of unique active wallets in the industry. Additionally, rigid user demand for gaming appears to be immune to the crypto market’s downtrend, sending 1.23 million unique active wallets (UAW) daily to smart contracts.

Blockchain games are crucial for the mass adoption of blockchain. Gaming dapps are building unique experiences and creating new opportunities for non-crypto gamers to enter the space by incorporating mechanics like play to win. Harmony is among those who put this goal into action.

As of mid-Q2 2022, the Harmony ecosystem has seen several milestones in some of the most prominent GameFi dapps. Among them, we find titles like Cosmic Universe, Defira and Pixel Warz from Harmony Play. These gaming dapps together have already attracted 20,000 users to join their Discord communities. However, some of these gaming products have yet to be fully released, setting expectations for a bright future.

Cosmic Universe: An Immersive Metaverse MMO Journey

Cosmic Universe is a fantasy blockchain metaverse, world builder, and MMORPG that lives on the Harmony blockchain. The game features stunning visuals and an immersive fantasy metaverse adventure where players explore kingdoms, harvest, mine, develop ever-advanced storylines, and level up exclusive NFTs, etc.

The fully playable Cosmic Universe will be released later this year. Currently, players can already stake their NFT characters for in-game resources that will be useful in the larger ecosystem.

Defira: a fusion of DeFi and GameFi

Defira is a blockchain metaverse game released on Harmony. The game is a fusion of DeFi and GameFi, leveraging both models to create a DeFi “super app” within a fantasy game world.

Defira’s DeFi vision represents a future where all major DeFi primitives will have a presence in Defira’s “super app” with different DeFi tokens serving certain utilities in their virtual world. Tranquil Finance, the DeFi protocol on the Harmony blockchain, is moving to Defiraverse first.

Additionally, Defira’s gameplay features multiple game modes that allow players to earn and develop in-game assets to interact with Defira’s gameplay and DeFi mechanics. For example, to acquire a Genesis Hero NFT on Defira, players must stake Tranquil Finance’s native token, TRANQ, to mint these exclusive NFTs.

A round of five of The Genesis Hero Mint has already started on April 5, with the fifth round kicking off with a raffle event. There’s a prize pool of 225 Genesis Heroes up for grabs! Users can refer to Defira’s Twitter and Discord for more details.

Harmony Play’s Pixel Warz – Shooter Game with Customizable Characters

Harmony Play is an all-in-one multi-game platform built on the Harmony blockchain. The gaming platform harnesses the spirit of esports as gamers can compete against each other, climb the leaderboards, and enter tournaments to earn the HPLAY ecosystem token.

Harmony Play recently welcomed its first narrative-driven story to the ecosystem by launching the Pixel Warz NFT Collection. These NFTs will serve as characters in the game, each with unique traits and different rarities.

final thoughts

The introduction of new GameFi projects into the Harmony ecosystem is what the community has been waiting for. DeFi Kingdoms, a long-term leader in the Harmony blockchain, has shown that Harmony stands out when it comes to incubating GameFi dapps and supporting them to thrive.

Overall, the development progress made by Harmony Play’s Cosmic Universe, Defira, and Pixel Warz certainly adds to the appeal of the Harmony ecosystem. Each of these gaming products provides a different user experience, enriching the Harmony ecosystem.

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