Goblins Crawl Up From The Deep To Stir Blockchain Riots

It seems that the recent wave of crypto uncertainty has signaled that more malevolent creatures are emerging from the shadows, such as the mischievous host of goblin town crawled up from the murky depths to unleash its own brand of chaos on the blockchain.

In the week since the discovery of the new kingdom of Goblin Town, the inhabitants have been met with intrigue and confusion in equal measure, sending a shockwave of bewilderment through the NFT space with his mischievous wit and lawless demeanor. Nothing more proved than by a three-hour Twitter slot consisting entirely of nonsensical ‘goblin speeches’.

However, during these dark times, Goblin Town has breathed some fresh air into the world of blockchain. Countering the general trend, implementing through a 100% free mint and proudly declaring “No roadmap. No discord. Useless”. However, since that release, Goblin Town has become the best performing collection in the space, converting an incredible 9.4k into ETH ($17.5 million) and hitting a huge low price of 2.15 ETH ($2k).

However, the quick appearance and graceful deployment of this gang of renegade troublemakers has set the rumors in motion, with speculation abounding about the true identity and agenda of the team involved. Theories so far range from the well-oiled machine that is Yuga Labs, to Beavis and Butthead creator Mike Judge. Whatever happens, these anarchic creatures of the deep are likely to confuse and entertain for some time to come.

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