DappRadar wallet now supports NFT tracking of polygons

All your precious Polygon NFTs, in one place

DappRadar is pleased to launch the second phase of integration of the Polygon blockchain into the Portfolio Tracker service. Now anyone can use the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker to view the NFT holdings of a particular wallet address.

DappRadar visitors could already use Portfolio Tracker to track their DeFi token holdings and positions on the Polygon blockchain. Now, they can track your NFT portfolio.

Users without a DappRadar account can still verify their portfolio by simply connecting their wallet and then selecting the Polygon blockchain in the top right corner of the Portfolio Tracker.

Machine Learning Polygon NFT Price Estimates

Popular NFT collection price estimates are powered by a machine learning algorithm that analyzes past sales metadata to determine the value of your most prized Polygon NFT assets. While retailer Polygon NFT price estimates use a calculation of the last selling price.

Initially, we prioritized the top 100 NFT collections, as there are over 60 million NFTs in Polygon in total. More will be added and we will continue to improve the tracking capabilities as we go.

NOTE: Polygon NFTs are currently in beta, so you may not see all of the available metadata information. Please add your comments using our comment tool at the bottom of the page. Thank you!

How to use the DappRadar wallet

  • Connect your Web3 wallet to DappRadar and you can navigate to the DappRadar Wallet Tracker to see your DeFi and NFTs.
  • This will also automatically create a profile for you. When you add your email address, you’ll be able to stay fully up-to-date on product updates or industry news.
  • Click on the account icon, login or register and connect your wallet. Please note that you must approve a signature, but there are no gas fees involved.

When you log in to your portfolio, the home page shows all your assets. You can see the value of your tokens, your DeFi assets, and your NFT collection. You can quickly jump to other segments in your portfolio from the Summary page using the menu on the left side.

DappRadar’s wallet allows users to get information about their wallets and take action. Users can trade tokens and list NFTs directly from their wallets on the marketplace. Also, you can research other wallets and acquire certain assets based on your analysis.

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