DappRadar Community Call 3: Highlights

RADAR Stake, Contribute-to-Earn, Product and Content Updates

On Monday, June 20, DappRadar had its third community call. The team provided updates on cross-chain RADAR staking, Contribute-to-Earn, the new dapp single page, updated leaderboard, and upcoming gamification features.

The community call featured updates from Skirmantas Januškas, our CDO Dragos Dunica, Product Owner Nick Rennie, and Chief Content Officer Robert Hoogendoorn. Topics included the future of the RADAR token across multiple chains, the DappRadar content team expanding to more platforms, our new Contribute-to-Earn system, and all the product updates happening now.

Highlights from DappRadar Community Call #3

  • 3:04 – CEO Skirmantas Januškas talks about DappRadar’s continued growth. DappRadar continues to grow and hire. Cross-chain RADAR stakeout is expected during the week beginning June 27.
  • 7:24 – CDO Dragos Dunica discusses Contribute-to-Earn, through which DappRadar users can earn RADAR tokens for contributing to the community. Go to Layer 3 to create an account in time to start earning.
  • 12:25: Product Manager Nick Rennie briefs the launch of the new mobile app on iOS. DappRadar PRO members can register and be the first to access the app. Coming soon updates for single dapp page, rankings and some secret new features to be revealed soon.
  • 5:53pm – Head of Content Robert Hoogendoorn tells us that DappRadar is currently on NFT.NYC and our content is now available on Instagram and TikTok. We have podcasts, AMAs, community calls on Spotify and YouTube. PRO users now also receive additional DappRadar signals via the Discord channel.
  • 9:48pm – Nick Rennie provides more information on the upcoming gamification items on DappRadar. The first season will be released towards the end of the third quarter.

To hear the full call, watch the video at the bottom of the page.

More about DappRadar PRO Membership

Everyone who has 5,000 RADAR tokens in their web3 wallet is automatically eligible to become a member of DappRadar PRO. PRO membership gives you access to more detailed search options, filters and data points. You can also access detailed analytics reports from our research team and every DappRadar signal, through our Discord channel.

You can read more about the RADAR token on this overview page.

DappRadar Community Call #3

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