CryptoBlades Scythes make their way to the top of our rankings

The number of users increased by 1,966%, to 31,520

CryptoBlades is at the top of DappRadar’s Games of the Week. This is the result of a 1,966% increase in the number of unique active wallets that interacted with the dapp. The great titles that dominate the space return to star. Axie Infinity, Splinterlands and The Sandbox make an appearance. But also Worldwide Webb, a virtual metaverse game with a cult following and an interesting vision.

Despite the problems that continue to affect the web3 world, CryptoBlades managed to increase its number of users to 31,520 in the last 7 days. We’ll take a look shortly at why so many people flocked to the platform.

According to the latest report from DappRadar and BGA Games, blockchain gaming activity hit an all-time high in April. Gaming dapps attracted more than 1.2 million unique active wallets. This article looks at the most popular gaming dapps of the week by combining on-chain activity, NFT trading volumes, token valuations, and project news.

Explore the full list of the top 10 blockchain games of the week below. You can also click on the respective image to learn more about each platform.

DappRadar Games of the Week


CryptoBlades has done well to attract users by 1966%, while uncertainty about web3 is growing. It could be the result of the big announcement they teased on Twitter or maybe the result of a free giveaway from NFTs. Either way, 31,520 unique wallets interacted with the dapp, which helped push the dapp to the top of our list.

axie infinity

Axie Infinity, based on the Ronin blockchain, is second in this week’s rankings with over 183,000 users. Game developers continue to improve the balance, pacing, and feel of the game in Axie Infinity: Origin. And this week also saw the E-Sport AxieThe Axie Origin Championship takes place.


More than 250,000 unique active wallets interacted with the Splinterlands dapp in the last seven days. However, its token price fell by 24.9%, showing that even popular titles are not immune to the bear market.

crazy defense heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes comes in at number four on our list as a result of the 183% increase in its number of users. Crazy Defense Heroes is also number four on DappRadar’s ranking for Polygon-based games. Its TOWER token dropped 40% over the past week, but the tower defense game is still popular with players.

the sandbox

The Sandbox is not only a virtual world and a big part of the burgeoning metaverse, but it’s also a gaming platform. It ranks fifth in our ranking due to the huge trading volume of its NFT collection. In just seven days, users bought and sold $809,910 worth of NFT for the game.


Similar to The Sandbox, Decentraland is a massive virtual world where users can play a wide variety of games. Even though its MANA token fell by 51.6%, the number of Decentraland users increased by 28%. For this reason, it comes in sixth place on our list.

worldwide website

Worldwide Webb is a slightly satirical take on the metaverse. But this does not detract from the seriousness of the project itself. It’s still in the early stages, but the community is growing the game as a whole and its user count increased by 32.95% over the last week.

alien worlds

With 280,000 users in the last seven days, Alien Worlds comes in at number eight on our list this week. This is an increase of only 5%, but in a market where many trend lines point down, maintaining their performance counts as success.

farmers world

More than 186,000 unique active wallets interacted with Farmers World in the past week. On-chain analysis for the WAX-based game can currently be a sea of ​​red, but compared to other games, it’s not doing too bad.


Aavegotchi comes in at number ten on our list as a result of its strong NFT trading volumes. In the last seven days, users bought and sold $373,640 worth of Aavegtochi NFTs. This is a positive sign that there is still an appetite among the community for web3 products.

We will keep you informed

DappRadar will continue to monitor the blockchain gaming space, bringing you news and updates as the bear market continues to affect things. Follow DappRadar on Twitter for the latest scoops and browse through the full blockchain games ranking.

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