Blockchain Brawlers triumphs in the arena this week

The Wax-based game saw its native token BRWL appreciate by more than 150% in the last seven days.

Blockchain Brawlers takes first place in DappRadar’s weekly ranking of the best blockchain games. In the last seven days, the game attracted more than 2,000 unique active wallets and generated more than $137,000 in NFT trading volume. Most impressively, however, the game’s native token, BRWL, saw a 150% increase in valuation over the last seven days.

Another noticeable trend this week is the general revival of token valuations in the gaming category. All of the projects on the list saw value appreciation, indicating that blockchain games can potentially buck the current bear market trend.

According to the latest report from DappRadar and BGA Games, blockchain gaming activity hit an all-time high in April. Gaming dapps attracted more than 1.2 million unique active wallets. This article looks at the most popular gaming dapps of the month by combining on-chain activity, NFT trading volumes, token valuations, and project news.

Explore the full list of the top 10 blockchain games of the month below. Click on the respective image to learn more about each platform. Alternatively, check out the handy video below, which summarizes the classification for a quick overview.

Top 10 Blockchain Games: Week 20

1. Blockchain Fighters

Blockchain Brawlers dominates the rankings this week thanks to a massive price increase for its native BRWL token. In-game currency increased by 150% with over 2,000 unique active wallets connected to the platform. Another important detail that fueled the activity on the platform is the upcoming release of the Artifact Class card pack on May 25.

2. Crypto bomb

Bomb Crypto has also had an impressive week, taking second place on the list. The bomber-style game attracted more than 21,000 unique active wallets in the last seven days. Additionally, the game’s native token, BCOIN, saw a value increase of over 90%.

3. Gods Unchained

The trading card game Gods Unchained had many players excited this week with the release of the Divine Order card pack. The game attracted more than 5,000 unique active wallets while v.

4. Fragmented lands

Hive’s wonderful game Splinterlands loses a bit of traction this week and drops out of the top 3. Still, the game attracted close to half a million unique active wallets. Additionally, SPS gained over 33% in valuation, while Splinterlands NFTs generated over $9,000 in trading volume on the Wax blockchain. That’s aside from the trading activity on Hive, where the game logged over $600,000 in trading volume.

5. Alien worlds

BSC mining game Alien Worlds follows behind Splinterlands once again, taking fifth place this week. The game attracted more than 250,000 unique active wallets. Additionally, Alien Worlds’ native currency, TLM, gained over 20% in valuation.

6. Decentralization

The virtual world Decentraland reappears in the weekly games ranking after a substantial period of absence. The platform generated $1.3 million in NFT trading volume in the last seven days. Furthermore, its native token MANA appreciated in value by more than 50%.

7. NFT Worlds

It is closely followed by NFT Worlds, another Ethereum-based virtual world platform. The game recently announced that name registration will be introduced, allowing players to obtain a .wrld NFT domain name. Additionally, the game’s native token, WRLD, saw a price increase of over 10%.

8. Pegaxia

Polygon-based racing game Pegaxy makes the cut this week, taking eighth place. The game attracted more than 58,000 unique active wallets and its native token gained more than 16% in valuation. Pegaxy recently launched its closed beta mobile app and eligible NFT owners can now test the platform.

9. Highlands

The Upland real estate simulator remains the most visited dapp on the EOS blockchain. While the game is in ninth place this week, it still attracted more than 140,000 unique active wallets in the last seven days.


BSC NFT’s Mobox farming game rounds out the list of top blockchain games this week. The platform attracted close to 90,000 unique active wallets and generated over $1.7 million in NFT trading volume in the last seven days. Additionally, the game’s native token, MOBOX, saw a price increase of over 20%.

Blockchain Brawlers is heating up

Blockchain Brawlers is one of the latest additions to the Wax gaming ecosystem. While the game is still building a solid audience, it has already started to generate a lot of buzz. Brawler and Ring NFTs are trending on Wax’s Atomic Marketplace, while in-game currency BRWL saw a stellar appreciation of over 150% in the last seven days.

Also, Blockchain Brawlers is still in the early stages of its development. The project has an ambitious roadmap ahead. In the near future, players will be able to rent and borrow brawlers and rings to increase their earnings or generate passive income.

DappRadar will continue to monitor Wax’s new hit game as Blockchain Brawlers marks milestones on its roadmap. If you want to know more about the game, visit its official page here. You can also track Blockchain Brawlers NFT sales here. For the latest blockchain gaming news first, follow DappRadar on Twitter.

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