Best 25 Predict Alternative Polya Sites

Predict Alternative Polya Sites

Is it possible to predict poly(A) sites?

Prediction of poly (A) sites helps to define the 3′ end of genes, which is important for gene annotation and elucidating gene regulation mechanisms. However, due to limited knowledge of poly (A) signals, it is still challenging to predict poly (A) sites in plants and algae.

What is alternative alternative polyadenylation (APA)?

Alternative polyadenylation (APA) is gene regulation mechanism by which a single gene encodes multiple RNA isoforms with different polyadenylation (polyA) sites 1 (i.e., different transcription stop sites/3′ termini). Most APA sites lead to identical protein products but variable 3′ untranslated region lengths 2.

What is polyadenylation site prediction?

Polyadenylation Site Prediction. The cleavage site is called polyadenylation site or, in short, poly (A) site. Polyadenylation is considered to be part of the larger process of producing mature mRNA for translation. The aim of the polyadenylation process is to protect the mRNA in order to reach intact the protein synthesis site.

What is the best model for predicting poly(A) sites in Arabidopsis?

Another classification based model called poly (A) site classifier (PAC) was developed for green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii ( Wu et al ., 2012 ). Tzanis et al. (2011) also developed a classification-based command-line tool called polyA-iEP to predict poly (A) sites in Arabidopsis.

Predict Alternative Polya Sites

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