Best 25 Determining Alternative Translational Start Sites Ncbi

Determining Alternative Translational Start Sites Ncbi

What is alternative translation initiation (Atli)?

Alternative translation initiation (ATLI) refers to the existence of multiple translation initiation sites per gene and is a widespread phenomenon in eukaryotes. ATLI is commonly assumed to be advantageous through creating proteome diversity or regulating protein synthesis.

How important is the translation initiation site selection on mRNAs?

Proper selection of the translation initiation site (TIS) on mRNAs is crucial for the production of desired protein products. Recent studies using ribosome profiling technology uncovered a surprising variety of potential TIS sites in addition to the annotated start codon.

Are alternative translation start sites conserved in eukaryotic genomes?

Bazykin, G. A. & Kochetov, A. V. Alternative translation start sites are conserved in eukaryotic genomes. Nucleic Acids Res. 39, 567–577 (2011). Gu, S. et al. Alternative translation initiation of human regulators of G-protein signaling-2 yields a set of functionally distinct proteins. Mol.

Where can I find a translation of my DNA sequence?

SITES: A number of excellent sites exist all of which permit translation in all six reading frames. I would recommend "ORF Finder" because of its visuals and Pipeline or GeneMark if you are seriously interested in identifying genes within your sequence.

Determining Alternative Translational Start Sites Ncbi

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