Best 25 Alternative Sites For The Tmt 2019

Alternative Sites For The Tmt 2019

What is the theme of the 2019 TMT Forum?

The theme for the 2019 Forum is "Science synergies in the era of the Thirty-Meter-Telescope”. A special emphasis will be made towards discussing scientific synergies between the TMT and space/ground -based facilities operating in the 2030s.

What is the TMT site testing campaign?

Starting in 2003, TMT scientists conducted the most comprehensive site testing campaign ever carried out for a new observatory, a rigorous five-year campaign to measure virtually every atmospheric characteristic that affects the performance of telescopes.

Can UH manage TMT?

Yet the DLNR and State are placing in UH ’s hands the management of TMT, a project bigger than the collective 13 existing telescopes that UH has already demonstrated they cannot manage properly. The University of Hawaiʻi has acknowledged and apologized for the shortcomings of its management of Maunakea in the last century.

Is Mauna Kea a good site for GMT and TMT?

Chile is the site for GMT in the south and Mauna Kea is being considered as the primary site for TMT in the north. The panel will produce a series of recommendations for implementing a strategy and vision for the coming decade of U.S. Astronomy & Astrophysics frontier research and prioritize projects for future funding.

Alternative Sites For The Tmt 2019

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