Anthony Hopkins flaunts ENS name and NFT interest on Twitter

After recently acquiring a custom Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain, Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins has become the latest A-list celebrity to flaunt his interest in all things NFT on social media. .

First, and as many NFT enthusiasts do, Hopkins was quick to change his Twitter handle to his new ENS domain, which reads “AHopkins.eth‘. To make use of the crypto wallet and its designated ENS domain name, he then publicly consulted the likes of Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Fallon, and Reese Witherspoon via a cheepasking them for advice on choosing a project considering all the “great NFT artists” out there.

As expected of an A-list celebrity showing an interest in Web3, the tweet generated thousands of interactions, with some simply showing excitement that another high-profile artist is exploring the space, while others mocked the actor for showing an interest in NFTs. As always, the tweet also generated a lot of shilling-type responses.

Despite the lack of knowledge about which NFTs you might like, Hopkins is in fact an early adopter of Web3 technology, having starred in a movie called ‘Zero Contact’ last year, which was released via NFT on the Web3 Fly cinema platform.

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Image Credit Via: Thor

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