25 Best Websites Of 2014

Best Websites Of 2014

What is the best website for real estate investment company?

Real estate investment company April Group created one of the best designed websites in the real estate industry. The web design is extremely professional and makes remarkable use of photos and videos to show the properties in a simple and organized way.

What are the best school websites in 2020?

Celebrating the museum’s best art collections and exhibitions, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts website is the Webby Awards winner of the best school website in 2020. This website is all about minimal design and clear navigation.

What are the best websites for animation?

IdeaRocket is an animation studio based in New York City. What makes their website one of the best designed websites is the exceptional user experience and the way examples of work are presented. In the “works” section, users can choose a category (like 2D animation, 3D animation, etc.) and click on a project to open a high-quality video.

What are the best user experience websites of 2020?

On the “Meet Roo” website by Planned Parenthood, users come into contact with Roo, an AI-powered sex education chatbot. Characterized by an unusual and ingenious design, this website is the Webby Awards 2020 winner of best user experience.

Best Websites Of 2014

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