25 Best Shock Websites

Best Shock Websites

What is a shock site?

A shock site is a website with content that is offensive, disgusting, or disturbing (or all of the above). An example of a shock site is a bunch of video clips that show gory violence, or even pornographic material that was intended to insult viewers. Of course, a hate site can also be considered a shock site simply because it offends most readers.

What are the best shock sites in Canada?

Later on in 2006, Ogrish was launched. Ogrish was known for their war and terrorist related content, and soon after re-branded as LiveLeak. Massively popular Canadian shock site, BestGore, was founded by Mark Marek in 2008.

Is Google full of Scary/disturbing sites?

Oh, no. It's full of shock sites with very scary, gross, outrageous, disturbing, explicit, disgusting, offensive, horrible, upsetting, and otherwise gruesome imagery that people are frequently tricked into searching for on Google.

What are the best cryptocurrency websites?

Right now, there is a myriad of cryptocurrency .onion sites you can use to buy or sell all types of cryptocurrencies. BlockChain was one of the first sites to launch on the dark web. It even has an HTTP security certificate for even better protection.

Best Shock Websites

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