25 Best No Fee Apartment Websites Nyc

Best No Fee Apartment Websites Nyc

Where can I find no fee apartments in New York City?

Try our tenant screening, or post rental listings to Zumper, Craigslist New York, and more. We currently have 1,461 no fee apartments for rent in New York, NY. "No-fee" places are typically apartments advertised directly by the landlord or owner, which means you won’t have to pay any brokerage fees.

Which is the best site to rent an apartment in NYC?

The 8 best websites for finding a no-fee rental apartment in NYC in 2019 1 Craigslist 2 Facebook/word of mouth/social media/Nextdoor 3 Leasebreak 4 Listings Project 5 Naked Apartments 6 NYBits 7 RentHop 8 StreetEasy

How many no-fee NYC apartments are there?

Currently, there are 2,526 no-fee apartments, which makes up about 24 percent of the site’s listings. Twenty percent of Manhattan listings are no fee, 3 percent of their Brooklyn listings are no fee, and less than 2 percent of their Queens listings have no fee.

Where can I find no-fee renters in New York City?

NYBits is one of the oldest rental listings sites in New York, and its straightforward interface makes finding no-fee listings easy. Out of their current listings, 73 percent are no fee. Each listing includes the address for the apartment, which is unique, as well as the role of the poster (owner, manager, or broker), and specifies if it is no-fee.

Best No Fee Apartment Websites Nyc

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