25 Best Journalists Websites

Best Journalists Websites

What are the best blogs/websites about journalism?

Longform In case you couldn't tell by the title, the website Longform is all about longform journalism. ...Longreads Like Longform, Longreads also features stories from all over the web, and also produces their own content. ...ProPublica For readers and writers who're interested in politics and moral issues, ProPublica is the site for you. ... More items...

What are the best citizen journalism sites?

Citizen journalism - collection of best sites. cowbird.com 2016-10-29 Cowbird · Home. A witness to life. ... NewsMeBack is the place for everyone who likes citizen journalism and social news, a place for you where you can put your news, events from everyday life, something interesting that happened in your life or else. ...

Can journalists work from home?

Today, we’re publishing our interview with Connor of the blog, Carry On Connor who works from home as a journalist, a freelance writer and a blogger. If you want to know how to be a journalist and work from home, then you’ll enjoy this one. We met Connor online.

How to communicate with journalists?

Communicating with journalists makes a difference. It does not have to be perfect; not all letters to journalists need to be for publication. Even a one-sentence, handwritten note to a reporter can be helpful. If you take the time to type a substantive letter, send copies of it to two or three places within the media outlet-perhaps to the ...

Best Journalists Websites

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