25 Best Conference Websites

Best Conference Websites

What makes a good web site for events and conferences?

Websites for events and conferences require a professional WordPress theme where you can add everything that attendees will need. You’ll want to include your event calendar, tickets, location map, and other details.

What is the Best Web conference software?

Hosted, owned, and developed by networking giant Cisco, Webex is high on many of the lists that rank the best web conference software. It's one of the first conference solutions, but Cisco created a product that pretty effective. Like most other web conferencing systems; there is a free version of Webex.

What is the best conference call platform for business?

If you need a business phone service to manage your audio conference calls, then Nextiva is the best option. If you want an all-inclusive platform (phone + video conferencing), then RingCentral is the best conferencing call platform.

What is the best WordPress theme for a conference website?

Fudge 2.0 is a beautiful WordPress theme that’s designed specifically for conference and event websites. Its key feature allows you to plan and publish event details on your site and sell tickets for any events and conferences you’re organizing.

Best Conference Websites

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