25 Best Cc Websites Sims 4

Best Cc Websites Sims 4

How to download cc for Sims 4?

The process for downloading both CC and Mods is the same, so we will cover them both at once. They are installed in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods. Open Windows Explorer or Finder on Mac. Click your Documents folder, Electronic Arts, then The Sims 4.

How do you get custom content in Sims 4?

Step One: Make sure you have the resource file you need to process the mods. On your computer go to Finder → Documents → Electronic Arts→ The Sims 4→Mods. ...Step Two: Find some custom content you want to download. The most popular website to find custom content for Sims games is The Sims Resource. ...Step Six: Enjoy the custom content!

How to download custom content Sims 4?

Find your Mods folder. Close out your game and open File Explorer (on Windows) or Finder (on Mac).Download a program such as 7-Zip or The Unarchiver.Search around for Sims 4 custom content.Look for any needed requirements. ...Find the download link or button for the content. ...Extract the file if it's a.rar or.zip file. ...Move the custom content to your... See More...

Where to get Sims 4 custom content?

Modthesims.info: One of the biggest Sims 4 custom content sites that contains what feels like a bottomless pit of Sims 4 CC for you to explore.Thesimsresource: Another huge site for all kinds of custom contentSims4downloads.net: A blogroll style site that collates new custom content from a multitude of sites. ...Tumblr: Yes, you heard correctly. ... More items...

Best Cc Websites Sims 4

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