10 games you can play and win for less than $10

Play and win is the biggest success in blockchain gaming, find out which are the most accessible entry points

So you want to get in the game and win? Be our guest! However, for some, this may be easier said than done. Crypto games require your time and initial investment before you start playing and reap the benefits.

Fortunately, there are play-to-win titles that require a small amount of starting capital. So, we compiled a list of the top ten games that require a maximum of $10!

Remember that to get the most out of play-and-win games, you may eventually need to part with some cash. No investment generally means very little profit or time required to grow.

Without breaking the bank, here are ten titles you should start playing:

1. Fragmented lands

Splinterlands is undoubtedly one of the most popular game to win titles out there. But don’t let its popularity put you off – it’s also one of the most affordable crypto games you can play right now.

To start winning in this game, you only need to pay $10 for a Splinterlands summoner book to start earning in this game, and you’re golden.

After that, you can start earning, collecting and trading NFT cards in a game similar to the classic trading card game. Magic: The Gathering.

The biggest income opportunity right now is the Splinterlands SPS Government Token. It is currently worth $0.122 and you can earn it simply by playing and purchasing in-game items. The supply is limited and the airdrop of the token will last until the summer of 2022.

At the time of writing, the number of monthly users is around 561k, and the the total monthly trading volume is $115k.

2. Alien worlds

This is a space-themed mining game and one of the hottest virtual worlds right now.

The best thing is it’s completely free to play.

In this game, you will explore different planets and complete quests to earn all kinds of NFTs. You will spend most of your time mining this game’s token, TLM.

Although it is a free game, you will probably want to update it after using the startup mining tool for some time. Better tools have a shorter cooldown and generate better performance.

At the moment, TLM is valued at $0.0893, and here they are 914k monthly users with a trading volume of more than $21 million.

3. Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles is an early access fantasy MMORPG that you can play without an initial investment.

The interesting thing here is that the game is completely driven by its players.

There are multiple ways to play it. You can complete quests, compete with your fellow players, or contribute your and my processing power to earn even more. Right now, players are rewarded with 10 NCG (Nine Chronicles Gold) for each block mined.

The current NCG token value is $0.5537. There is more than 15k players per month, and the monthly trading volume is as high as $725k.

4. Crazy Defense Heroes

Here we have a classic tower defense game, an improved version of the mobile hit Crazy Kings.

Like Alien Worlds, CDH is totally free to play but it handles your payment differently than other games. You earn digital assets in this game by reaching monthly XP goals.

You may spend a lot of time in the game to earn the necessary amount of XP to receive the reward, but at least you will have a great time. At the moment, Crazy Defense Heroes has over 500 levels of frenetic tower defense action.

Rewards usually come in the form of TOWER token currently worth $0.018. At the time of writing, some 114k weekly users generated a Total monthly trading volume of more than $70k.

5. League of Kingdoms

Do you like to play strategy games? If the answer is yes, you will love League of Kingdoms.

This RTS is a free multiplayer experience where you will build the strength of your kingdom, fight against other players, form guilds, farm resources and collect valuable NFTs.

There are multiple ways to earn income in this game. You can farm resources to sell on the markets, but you can also trade land. Also, League of Kingdoms allows you Earn passive income by renting out your land to other players.

The government token for this game is LOKA, and is currently valued at $2.82. The community is relatively small but active, attracting around 2.75k monthly users. At the time of writing, the the monthly trading volume is $423.

6. Thetan Arena

MOBA games are rare in the blockchain space, so we’re glad Thetan Arena exists. Better yet, it’s free to play.

The developers behind this game recognized that playing to win games could be expensive, and because their game is a MOBA, a small number of players wouldn’t make sense.

That’s why they give all new players a free hero to play. Newbies can use it to learn how the game works and ultimately earn enough in-game tokens to purchase a premium hero.

Players can use the native token Thetan Coin (THC) to purchase in-game items, currently priced at $0.0109.

At the end of April, 9k monthly players are generating around $5k in trading volume.


Interestingly, Arc8 is not a single game to play to win, but a collection of 10 mobile mini-games that you can play free. There are all kinds of games, such as card, puzzle, and action games, so chances are you’ll find something you like.

As for earning rewards, Arc8 has two in-game currencies.

The first is the credits you earn by playing the games and completing daily challenges. With credits, you can play practice matches and enter sponsored tournaments where you can earn the main GMEE token.

GMEE is currently worth $0.0476. The game draws up 93k users per month, and the monthly trading volume is around 31kat the time of writing.

8. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a collectible card game where you play to win. Think of it as a blockchain version of Hearthstone that you can use to earn digital assets without investing a penny.

You get a simple deck of cards once you start playing, and as you win more matches you gain access to more powerful cards. You can also forge new cards from existing ones.

By participating in weekly missions, you can also earn the GODS token.

For the moment, the GODS token is worth $0.9545. there are around 16k monthly users, and the the monthly trading volume is almost 1.20 million dollars.

9. DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is not like other games on this list because it is a hidden decentralized exchange (DEX) like a play-to-win retro RPG:

Right now, the average price of an NFT hero is around 30-40 JEWEL, the game’s native token worth $2.56. Obviously, buying a hero is not cheap.

However, you can use the fact that DeFi Kingdoms is a DEX to acquire enough tokens to buy a hero quickly. You just need to have a little patience.

You can buy a pair of JEWEL tokens and become a liquidity provider on the platform. Alternatively, you can also stake the token and earn passive rewards.

Pretty soon, you’ll have enough JEWEL to buy a hero and start quests, so you won’t have to spend more than $10.

At the time of writing, more than 190k monthly users contribute approximately $568 million of total trading volume.

10. Aavegotchi

For all the ’90s kids out there, Aavegotchi will strike a chord. This virtual pet game is similar to Tamagochi, only you play to win and the pets are ghosts.

The barrier to entry is relatively low as you will only need rent an Aavegotchi for $0.50 to start playing. Each ghost you collect is a pet that is also an NFT that generates performance. If you ask us, they are unique, fully customizable, and cute.

The native token is GHST, currently priced at $1.86. These pixelated ghosts are quite the hit, and at the time of writing, there are about 72k monthly users with a transaction volume of $467.

Crypto gaming on a budget

Crypto games are not a rich man’s game. Most of the games on this list are completely free, so you have no excuse not to try them out.

Most of them also allow you to earn digital assets right away, which means it won’t take long for you to start seeing profits.

One thing to keep in mind is that while these games may not make as much money as, say, Axie Infinity, most of them are still growing. So if you find gold right now, who knows how good an investment it could be in the future.

Play and have fun!

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